Sunday, July 31, 2011

More on "African Spoonbill a remarkable bird"

I have recieved numerous requests from followers, friends and the general public; both within the country and abroad, after my last publishing of the African Spoonbill photos  on this blog. Here are some more images of the bird.These photos were also taken at Modimola Dam which boasts a large number of these wonderful  water birds.

African Spoonbill basking in the sun

African Spoonbill in flight

Sunday, July 24, 2011

African Spoonbill a remarkable water bird

African Spoonbills breed in winter down here in Southrn Africa. The breeding period may stretch up to early spring. As we bid farewell to one of our coldest winters, I spotted a flock of this remarkable birds  foraging at Modimola Dam .It was wonderful to see juveniles together with adults.

African Spoonbill and its long spoon like bill

African Spoonbill wading and foraging slowly

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grey-headed Gulls are great fishers

While Birding at Modimola Dam yesterday afternoon I was fascinated by fishing Grey- Heade Gulls. Taking fish bigger than heads. There were both breeding and non breeding birds. What was surprisingly enough was that the non breeding ones were more active in terms of diving whereas the non breeding ones only wanted to fight over the catcch

Active Grey- headed Gulls before diving (the non breeding ones)

Going down for the catch.

Nice catch!!!!

Off to enjoy the meal.

Watching in envy and jealous (the breeding ones).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gabar Goshawk Juvenile visits my garden

I have seen adult Gabar Goshawks visiting the huge trees in the park next to my home for the past several years. Their visits have been all year round. Juveniles were never around or in their company.
I was surprised to see juvenile Gabar Goshawk on Sunday, close enough; that is as far as my doorstep chasing Red-headed Finches from my  bird feeders.

Juveile of a Gabar Goshawk after a good meal

Scanning the bird feeders for Red- Headed Finches