Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eurasian Curlew at Barberspan Bird Sanctuary

The season for the arrival of migrants is here and one of the first to be spotted at Barberspan Bird Sanctuary was the Eurasian Curlew; a nonbreeding Palearctic migrant. The largest wader in South Africa.  Uncommon and found along the coastal regions but rarely inland.
The bird was firstly spotted on 27th August 2013  by birders and disappeared thereafter. On the 1st September 2013 it was again spotted at  Leeuwpan, a dam adjacent to Barberspan Dam. Later during the week; it was again spotted on the 4th September 2013 by rangers in the park.
After failed attempts to spot the bird on the above stated dates; I was back again at Barberspan on the 7th September 2013 for my final attempt. This time I was lucky.

Curlew walking about in mud along the shore of the dam

Curlew running before take-off

Curlew running with flapping wings before take-off 

Curlew probing deeply in the mud with its very long decurved bill 
Blacksmith Lapwing mobbing the Curlew