Sunday, January 30, 2011

Abdim Stocks pass Mafikeng

Today at midday, 30th January 2011, the first group of about fifty Abdim Stocks pitched up 25km West of  Mafikeng on their usual annual migratory path. This is contrary to the usual late November or early December arrival and passing the town. Their annual path is through the villages of Masutlhe and Modimola from across neighbouring Botswana. They are two months late this season. The question is;

  • Are they on their way to the North or South?
If they are on their way to the North it means they are now migrating back. The question is;
  • Why did they avoid their usual annual path on their way South?
If they are only on their way South now, it means they are late or it is just another late group.
This are the questions I would like to answer in the next few days or weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Just landed and looking around

Just landed

Moving around in groups. A juvenile and an adult