Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red-billed Oxpecker at Disaneng Dam

My Birding today was quite an exciting one as I spotted a flock Red-billed Oxpeckers at the Disaneng village.I have never seen these birds around that area in the past six years of my birding there.

Large red bill and the bare yellow skin around the eye.

Scrambling over the animal's body to get ticks.


  1. Thanx Azahari,
    The light was not adequate. It was early in the morning. The possibility of thebird flying off was high.

  2. Dear sir, Your photography is a rich source of inspiration. I stumbled upon your blog while searching on Disaneng - we help a local school not too far from the dam called, Mogakolodi-Masibi comprehensive school. We will certainly recommend your work to our students.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thanx for the inspiring words.With your positive attitude, the Disaneng area's rich bird life which has never been untapped,will still be available for the future generations.I conduct talks with local commmunities about the importance of conserving birds in the area.

  4. I work in a school called Mogakolodi-Masibi and we are using mobile phones to help Matriculants have access to the curriculum-related content even after school. I am glad that you are open to share what you do in conservation. Will stay in touch, Theo

  5. Thanx Theo,
    You are welcome