Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amur Falcons arrive to confusion at Mahikeng uprooted roost tree site

Amur Falcon arriving to an uprooted roost tree

Today , after a night of heavy rains, a group of Amur Falcons together with some more Lesser Kestrels arrived for their annual migration in the Mahikeng CBD to find their favorite roost tree uprooted.
They circled lower than ussual around the spot where their roost tree was and perched on nearby buildings and dead trees. A bigger number had turned out  today and it was interesting to see them hovering lower than ussual around the spot where their favourite tree once stood.

Graph showing how over the years the numbers have increased

The year 2010 had a record number of migrating kestrels and falcons coming to roost at the tree in the Mahikeng CBD than  past years. The numbers are likely to drastically decline this year.


  1. Hello Mpho. Greetings from Canada. We are an ocean and continent apart but I feel very close to the loss of your special kestrel and falcon roost-tree in Mahikeng. What a shame! The birds will survive and move on but that special place and special meaning is lost forever. Good birding, my friend. BarrytheBirder

  2. Greetings Mpho. So sorry to hear about the loss of the Falcon/Kestrel roost-tree in Mafikeng. What a shame. The birds will move on but the special place and the gatherings there are a thing of the past. Keep up the good work, my friend.

  3. Hello Mpho. So sorry to hear about the loss of the Falcon/Kestrel roost-tree in Mafikeng. The birds will move on, of course, but the special place and status they had with birders like you is a irreplaceable. Keep up the good work my friend. BarrytheBirder

  4. Hi Barry,
    These is much appreciated.

  5. Hi Mpho - a tragedy. They must have found an alternative roost site by now? Looking forward to updates - Alan.