Saturday, February 11, 2012

Abdim's Stork: the common intra-African migrant that brings "good luck"

Though the arrival of Abdim's Stork around Mahikeng was earlier this time than last year; it is still late than the previous years.Last year they went pass Mahikeng and Masutlhe on the 30th January.

This year they went pass Mahikeng in early January. They were seen on their annual migratory path, through the Village of Masutlhe, on the 8th January heading South. They spend time on the ground, walking and flying short distances as they move.

Abdim's Storks inhabit the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa, but during the breeding season they move to the North of the Equator.

According to one of the myths they bring "good luck" and this is because they migrate to and fro at the peak of the rainy season(i.e from November to March). On their way as they pass through Eastern Africa; the rains would be pouring.

They are still present around Mahikeng at the moment but the numbers have declined.(I will keep you posted on their departure date)

You can follow this link for a story on their late showing last year:

Abdim's Stork: a common intra-African migrant in January 2012

Abdim's Storks showing in large flocks around Masuthle but numbers have gone down


  1. Quite something, this fellow!!
    He is beautiful!
    Interesting how Storks, world wide, are supposed to bring good luck or..... babies! LOL!!!