Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Little Crake: the star of Clovelly

The genetically programmed route that was missed and ended up directing our Little Crake to the South instead of the North, ultimately to Southern Africa and landing in Clovelly, was a blessing in disguise for listers. Taking advantage of  "reverse migration".

Travelling up  to North Africa to tick the bird was not going to be easier for even ardent twitchers. Lets make use of the opportunity while it lasts.

Here are the posibilities that we may wake up one day and find the bird gone.
1. Maybe the bird has been around for most of summer and she is ready to go up North again
2. As winter gradually draws closer, she may wake up to a correct orientation and innately start  navigating to the right wintering grounds.
3. He may perish in the unsuitable wintering grounds, (and this will be unfortunate)

If you have not gone down to see the bird, it is now the right time. Several people have already seen her.
Little Crake walking over floating water plants
(Photo: courtesy of Patrick Caldwell)
Little Crake
(Photo: courtesy of Patrick Caldwell)
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  1. Well done, great pictures especially the first!