Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ticks on birds: a common sight or not

While birding I came across this tick infested Short-clawed Lark. At a glance one would not notice the ticks around its neck and crown. It looked quite healthy, but it was only after realizing that it was infested with ticks that I took interest in the bird.

 The Short-clawed Lark being “near-threatened” according to the Red Data List; was this not going to be one of the contributory factors towards its extinction? How vulnerable are birds towards this blood sucking parasites?
Tick -infested Short-clawed Lark
At a glance all looked funny to identify


  1. Sure, ticks are part of some birds lives unfortunately for them and it can kill them.
    Funny enough, I've caught a Lark myself last year with a huge tick on its head too!
    Good observation!

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