Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Migrants have started arriving: Little or Red-necked Stint?

Differentiating between a Little Stint and Red-necked Stint has always been difficult for me. After spotting this bird with my binoculars at Modimola Dam on Saturday I was convinced that it was a Little Stint. It was only after studying  some photos I had taken of it that I started doubting my identification. The bird started looking more like a Red- necked Stint than a Little Stint. Little Stint is abundant in South Africa but not the Red-necked Stint. Have I seen a rare bird?

Help identify the Stint

Help idendtify the Stint


  1. Hi Mpho. I can't help you with your ID as I'm not familiar with Little Stints. The plumage across the upper parts of the bird certainly look very much like a RNS moulting into non-breeding plumage. All I can do is point you to some similar looking birds I photographed this time last year. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanx Mark. The photos are quite helpful