Friday, September 9, 2011

Migrants - The Stint was indeed a Little Stint

I received an overwhelming response to my quest to identify the mysterious Stint. The final verdict was in no doubt a Little Stint. I received responses from local birders and as far afield as Russia, China and Australia. Trevor Hardaker had this to say - "Both photos are of moulting Little Stints unfortunately – the legs, in particular the tibia, are too long for Red-necked Stint and the bill is also too long and finely tipped to consider that species" Niall Perrins had this to say- "They arrive back moulting out of their breeding plumage, looking very different to how we normally see them. I think your Stint is a Little Stint still in partly breeding plumage" Lastly Mark Young from Australia provided a link to some of his photos depicting a Red-necked Stint.Thanx to every one who took all the pains to assist. Thanx

 A Little Stint coming out of its breeding plumage

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