Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Short Clawed Lark: "Spotty" revisited

My posting on the Short Clawed Lark (Mirafra chuana) on the 15th October 2011 was on a particular individual I dubbed "Spotty". You can follow this link for that report:
I have been monitoring the bird since then and I am happy to report that it is still in the same spot.
Although, there is another pair in the area; its call is still prevalent, displaying in fluttering flight  low over grass, clapping wings and taking refuge at the top of the bushes. In Setswana (Chuana the local people and language) the bird is called Mantsiditsidi.
Lets take cognisant of the fact that the bird is near threatened.
Spotty on 25th May 2013 (calling at the top of the bush)

The unmistakable black spot underneath

 The charming acrobatic display

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