Saturday, October 15, 2011

Short-clawed Lark: the final frontier

Having enjoyed the flight displays and shrilling utter over the past few days in one area, I guess, this is a Short-clawed Lark spot. It is in the outskirts of Dibono Village, near the Disaneng Dam. This particular individual, identifiable with the  a black spot in the underparts; I will dub him "Spotty".
On this hot and windy day from my GPS I took the following readings:

S 25º 49.223’
E 025° 22.236’
 A call from an elevated perch (just before midday) cannot be missed

The outpost for scanning his territory

Active even in the heat of the day; persistently calling


  1. These are nice photos of the lark.
    I also dropped by to say thank you for visiting my blog. I don't blog that often, but I am not going away. Thanks for commenting again. Anna :)