Friday, October 14, 2011

Short-clawed Lark: the search continues

In search of the bird again; I went back to the spot at Dibono Village near Disaneng Dam. After a frantic search and listening around, the bird ultimately called. It was around midday. Approaching the area where the call came from I found the bird on top of a bush calling. Seeing me it flew further down the open grass land and perched on a bush. For a moment; while I was watching, it rose up high into the air and dropped steeply on a flight display. Looking around further there was another one uttering a shrill on top of a bush. At long last the search had come to a close. A new spot for Short Clawed Larks.

Open grassland and scttered bush where the search ended

A familiar pose and a call uttered from the top of a bush

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