Monday, October 10, 2011

Short-clawed Lark - threatened or near threatened?

Today while birding near Disaneng Dam, just in the outskirts of the village of Dibono, I heard the call of a Short- clawed Lark. This is a spot ±80 km away from Botsalano Game Reserve; where the species is in reasonable occurence and just a mere ±40km from Mahikeng.

Short-clawed Lark - endemic to the region.

Though known to be existing only in two disjointed populations in South Africa besides the South Eastern parts of Botswana, the Short-clawed Lark (Certhilauda chuana), “chuana” bearing reference to the Tswana people, is thought to be undergoing a localized range contraction and population reduction. On the other hand its distribution may also be influenced by seasonal or eruptive movements.It is endemic to the region.
Roberts VII Bird Guide book regards it as "near threatened" while its status  in the IUCN Red List it is evaluated as "Least Concern".
Any information on this species is hereby sort from any where or any source.

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