Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kgalagadi: the thirst land

The solar driven water pumps that keep the water-holes at Kgalagadi well stocked up are a big relief to the water scarce desert land. At these water holes one is able to see wild life at its best.
While at Cubetjie Quap water-hole, I saw a very thirsty solitary White stock quenching, drenching itself and bathing, while Black-backed jackal had its eyes on a Black Kite nearby. After a desperate attempt by the jackal to catch the kite; the White Stock had no alternative but to abandon the cooling precious find and take off. The Black –backed jackal had all the water-hole to itself thereafter.Here it goes (Right-click image to enlarge).

The White Stock quenching its thirst

Black Kite evading the Black-backed Jackal

The Black-backed Jackal  turn to quench its thirst


  1. Very nice post, great siting and good pics

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Another comment that came through my mail from Mike Dyer:

    Hi Mpho -

    All those waterholes in the Kgalagadi TFP can be VERY interesting. On my first visit in mid-winter MANY years ago, my son and I were watching literally thousands of doves come in for their early morning drink at one of the waterholes ( I think a little to the north of Cubetjie Quap ). It seemed that this would go on for as long as we were prepared to watch. All of a sudden there was a mad scramble as all the doves dispersed very quickly. We could not work out why, but then we picked up that a Lanner Falcon had flown right through them all and settled in a tree.
    I have had a few other interesesting sightings - one of which I believe may have been shown on Veld Focus ( 50/50 ) but many years ago as well.

    My regards - Mike ( Dyer - Randburg )

    1. Thanx Mike,
      I could not wait to post this on the blog. Good story