Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Little Crake at Clovelly: departs after 12 days in the wetlands

Our Little Crake departed on the night of the 2nd April 2012 to the disappointment of locals and all country-wide who were planning to go on pilgrimage to the Small Town of Clovelly in the Western Cape over the Eater Weekend to see her.
However, with all the hype of activity and commotion that was generated around the wetlands there; Ornithology scholars, Birding and Bird-watching fraternity had a good opportunity to acquire more knowledge on the age old mystery called “bird migration”.
During her brief stay culmination of debates and speculations were in the air centred around the following:-
  • How long the bird was going to be in the area?
  • What possibilities were there to avoid dehybridisation?
  • Even to remove or not to remove her?
Meanwhile, the course of nature took precedence and gave the avian visitor some space to regain  more energy for another long journey back to the right breeding grounds.
It has been estimated that hundreds had already seen her and more were expected.
What a Mega Twitch: as we recall (right-click to enlarge image)

"There she is" -  as twitchers came from all corners
(Photo: courtesy of Tony Archer)
Even the local Weaver came to pay homage - Curious
(Photo: courtesy of Tony Archer)
The Little Crake - Till next time
(Photo: courtesy of Tony Archer)


  1. I haven't twitched for a while. The photo showing the excitement has me interested again.

    1. Hi Larry,
      Consider doing it again. Its great fun. Thanx for coming by.