Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Banded Goshawk (Shikra) back in my garden: feeders deserted

A Little Banded Goshawk (Shikra) turned up again in my garden after a five year absence.  I always wake up to the chirping sounds of Red Headed Finches and other birds from my garden.  Surprised by the silence this morning; I went out to investigate.
All the feeders were deserted except for some few Laughing Doves hanging around on the fence. Looking up further into the canopy of the tall trees; there was the culprit – Little Banded Goshawk (Shikra) boldly staring at me.
Little Banded Goshawk (Shikra) - early in the morning

 Little Banded Goshawk (Sikra) waiting for the kill

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