Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Endeavour to protect the Short-clawed Lark area

"Spotty" the Short-clawed Lark
After regular visits to the spot ( 40km West of Mahikeng in a village called Dibono) where Short-clawed Larks never fail to show up; I ultimately fell in love with a particular individual whom I later nicknamed "Spotty". Now, it was time to make sure that the area was secured and protected.
Having spent the last three years trying to convince the local villagers not to temper with this particular spot; the local headman agreed with me that I put up some warning signs in the area. In addition to that he stressed that I should get the local Chief's blessing.
In desperation I managed to save some few Rands and purchased some signs.
Now that the signs have been delivered; my next step is to go and see the local chief for  his blessings and erection.


  1. Did you get the signs up?! Mpho maybe you can help me with lark identification? I was at Botsalano today, and there are many larks. I think I can identify Monotonous Larks but I'm really struggling with others, do you have some advice?!thanks

    1. Hi Helen,
      My apologies for taking so long to reply. The blog was not functioning for some time, but it is now fine. Hope you managed to sort out the I'D's. If not you are welcome to contact me.